Casa Romantica | Angelina + Austin

We met up with Angelina and Austin in San Clemente, California for a perfect sunny afternoon. We started the session down at the pier, and ended at the beautiful Casa Romantica just a couple miles away.

Angelina and Austin are the type of people that instantly make you feel welcomed and loved. We both noticed this immediately after meeting them. By the end of our session, it felt like we had been friends for a long time. It was hard to believe we had just met! In fact, we all grabbed dinner together after the session, and it truly felt like we were chatting and laughing with old friends.

Angelina and Austin brought their sweet dog, Franklin, along with them to the beginning of the session. (And we’re so glad they did! How cute is he!?) We finished our session at Casa Romantica. It was a beautiful way to end such a lovely session.

San Clemente Pier

couple holds their french bulldog on the pier

close up of the couple's french bulldog standing on the pier

bride wears a bright yellow dress under the pier

the couple smiles at the camera under the san clemente pier

couple walks on the beach and laughs with each other

silhouette under the san clemente pier

Casa Romantica

couple kisses in a doorway of Casa Romantica

an artistic picture of the couple in an archway of Casa Romantica

foreheads touch as groom holds his fiancé close

couple sits in front of wooden logs

far away shot of engaged couple cuddling at Casa Romantica

close up of engaged couple cuddling

artistic picture of the couple being serious at Casa Romantica