Kati + Danny Married

Do we have a treat for you today! Kati and Danny tied the knot, and we were there to document the incredible day! This couple is a joy to know, and a joy to photograph. Their day was filled with so much excitement and beautiful emotion. We are so genuinely excited to share it with you now! We just love these images, and the people in them. They were married at the Grove in Sanger, California. Kati and Danny, we are thrilled for you, and we are thrilled to see how God grows you in marriage! Enjoy!!
kati_danny_0001 kati_danny_0002 kati_danny_0003 kati_danny_0004 kati_danny_0005 kati_danny_0006 kati_danny_0007 kati_danny_0008 kati_danny_0009 kati_danny_0010 kati_danny_0011 kati_danny_0012 kati_danny_0013 kati_danny_0014 kati_danny_0015 kati_danny_0016 kati_danny_0017 kati_danny_0018 kati_danny_0019 kati_danny_0020 kati_danny_0021 kati_danny_0022 kati_danny_0023 kati_danny_0024 kati_danny_0025 kati_danny_0026 kati_danny_0027 kati_danny_0028 kati_danny_0029 kati_danny_0030 kati_danny_0031 kati_danny_0032 kati_danny_0033 kati_danny_0034 kati_danny_0035 kati_danny_0036 kati_danny_0037 kati_danny_0038 kati_danny_0039 kati_danny_0040 kati_danny_0041 kati_danny_0042 kati_danny_0043 kati_danny_0044 kati_danny_0045 kati_danny_0046 kati_danny_0047 kati_danny_0048 kati_danny_0049 kati_danny_0050 kati_danny_0051 kati_danny_0052 kati_danny_0053 kati_danny_0054 kati_danny_0055 kati_danny_0056 kati_danny_0057 kati_danny_0058 kati_danny_0059 kati_danny_0060 kati_danny_0061 kati_danny_0062


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  • Marc Bergreen

    on July 18, 2016  2:55 pm

    Just gotta say that you guys are putting out some amazing images lately! Love the evolution of your style! The color, lighting, and composition are excellent! Hope you have an awesome summer and hopefully we'll see you again soon!

    • puentephoto

      on August 1, 2016  6:08 pm

      Wow, Mark! Thank you so much! That means so much to us!!