Sarah + Ben Married

Where do I even begin? Sarah has been one of my best friends since high school. This girl is hilarious, so outrageously kind, creative, humble, and some broadway singers wish they had her voice. I remember driving around in her car in high school talking about what we wanted in our future husbands. To see Ben meet all of those standards and more is such an amazing thing! We knew Sarah and Ben’s wedding would be full of joy. To say it was a privilege to photograph their big day would be an understatement. =) We loved being there, and we absolutely love these pictures that capture their love for each other! (That’s three “loves” in one sentence, I better slow it down.) Sarah and Ben, you two are already an example of how Christ loves us, and we’re so excited to see your marriage grow over the years! A huge congratulations from two of your biggest fans. =) Enjoy the pictures!!! sarah_ben_0001 sarah_ben_0002 sarah_ben_0003 sarah_ben_0004 sarah_ben_0005 sarah_ben_0006 sarah_ben_0007 sarah_ben_0008 sarah_ben_0009 sarah_ben_0010 sarah_ben_0011 sarah_ben_0012 sarah_ben_0013 sarah_ben_0014 sarah_ben_0015 sarah_ben_0016 sarah_ben_0017 sarah_ben_0018 sarah_ben_0019 sarah_ben_0020 sarah_ben_0021 sarah_ben_0022 sarah_ben_0023 sarah_ben_0024 sarah_ben_0025 sarah_ben_0026 sarah_ben_0027 sarah_ben_0028 sarah_ben_0029 sarah_ben_0030 sarah_ben_0031 sarah_ben_0032 sarah_ben_0033 sarah_ben_0034 sarah_ben_0035 sarah_ben_0036 sarah_ben_0037 sarah_ben_0038 sarah_ben_0039 sarah_ben_0040 sarah_ben_0041 sarah_ben_0042 sarah_ben_0043 sarah_ben_0044 sarah_ben_0045 sarah_ben_0046 sarah_ben_0047 sarah_ben_0048 sarah_ben_0049 sarah_ben_0050 sarah_ben_0051 sarah_ben_0052 sarah_ben_0053 sarah_ben_0054 sarah_ben_0055 sarah_ben_0056 sarah_ben_0057 sarah_ben_0058 sarah_ben_0059 sarah_ben_0060 sarah_ben_0061 sarah_ben_0062 sarah_ben_0063