Liz + John Married

Congratulations, Liz and John!! What an amazing couple, and what an amazing wedding day! Liz will crack you up with her humor and contagious smile. John is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful guys around. These two make an awesome pair, and we’re so excited for them to be husband and wife! They were married at The Well church in Fresno, with their reception at The Grand. Enjoy some of our favorite photos from the day! liz_john_0001 liz_john_0002 liz_john_0003 liz_john_0004 liz_john_0005 liz_john_0006 liz_john_0007 liz_john_0008 liz_john_0009 liz_john_0010 liz_john_0011 liz_john_0012 liz_john_0013 liz_john_0014 liz_john_0015 liz_john_0016 liz_john_0017 liz_john_0018 liz_john_0019 liz_john_0020 liz_john_0021 liz_john_0022 liz_john_0023 liz_john_0024 liz_john_0025 liz_john_0026 liz_john_0027 liz_john_0028 liz_john_0029 liz_john_0030 liz_john_0031 liz_john_0032 liz_john_0033 liz_john_0034 liz_john_0035 liz_john_0036 liz_john_0037 liz_john_0038 liz_john_0039 liz_john_0040 liz_john_0041 liz_john_0042