Jenna + TJ Engaged

Just before Easter, Steven and I traveled over to Yosemite with Jenna and TJ. We mostly bonded over how intense our Easter egg hunts were even as adults. You know, jumping in the pool for an egg, pushing and shoving, etc. I knew then and there that I liked these two. =) Honestly though, we are so thankful that we work with such amazing couples. Jenna and TJ are such a joy to be around, and we’re so happy that they are getting married in just a few months! Enjoy a few of our favorite photos from their session! jenna_tj_0001 jenna_tj_0002 jenna_tj_0003 jenna_tj_0004 jenna_tj_0005 jenna_tj_0006 jenna_tj_0007 jenna_tj_0008 jenna_tj_0009 jenna_tj_0010 jenna_tj_0011 jenna_tj_0012