Caroline + Kyle Engaged

You don’t get any sweeter than Caroline and Kyle. This wonderful couple flew in from Boston for our Huntington Beach session. I’m sure they enjoyed visiting with family and escaping the freezing cold weather of Boston for a few days, but I’d like to think they mostly came just to hang out with us. =) I first met Caroline back at UC Irvine, and it was so good to see her infectious smile again! We are so looking forward to seeing these two again on their wedding day! Congratulations, Caroline and Kyle!! caroline_kyle_0001 caroline_kyle_0002 caroline_kyle_0003 caroline_kyle_0004 caroline_kyle_0005 caroline_kyle_0006 caroline_kyle_0007 caroline_kyle_0008 caroline_kyle_0009 caroline_kyle_0010 caroline_kyle_0011 caroline_kyle_0012 caroline_kyle_0013 caroline_kyle_0014 caroline_kyle_0015 caroline_kyle_0016 caroline_kyle_0017 caroline_kyle_0018 caroline_kyle_0019