Rachel + Ethan Engaged

Meet Rachel and Ethan! We traveled down to beautiful Santa Barbara to spend the afternoon with these two. We love everything about this session! We love the couple, the location, the chance to be creative. All of it! Everywhere we turned on this afternoon there was something new to work with. Rachel and Ethan trusted us enough to try some unique things, and we’re thrilled with the results. Most of all, we loved capturing the love these two have for each other. We’re so excited to share these photos. Enjoy!! rachel_ethan_engaged_0001 rachel_ethan_engaged_0002 rachel_ethan_engaged_0003 rachel_ethan_engaged_0004 rachel_ethan_engaged_0005 rachel_ethan_engaged_0006 rachel_ethan_engaged_0007 rachel_ethan_engaged_0008 rachel_ethan_engaged_0009 rachel_ethan_engaged_0010 rachel_ethan_engaged_0011 rachel_ethan_engaged_0012 rachel_ethan_engaged_0013 rachel_ethan_engaged_0014 rachel_ethan_engaged_0015 rachel_ethan_engaged_0016 rachel_ethan_engaged_0017 rachel_ethan_engaged_0018 rachel_ethan_engaged_0019 rachel_ethan_engaged_0020 rachel_ethan_engaged_0021 rachel_ethan_engaged_0022 rachel_ethan_engaged_0023