Anna + Brent Proposal

Last weekend we got to photograph an incredibly special afternoon! In true San Francisco fashion, Brent proposed to Anna with the Golden Gate Bridge as his backdrop. You know Anna would have been thrilled to say yes anywhere, but the amount of thought and effort Brent put in to making the proposal memorable for Anna was really something. After Brent proposed, he had another big surprise in store for Anna. From the other side of Crissy Field came Anna and Brent’s families, followed by over 30 of their closest friends! They spent the rest of the afternoon celebrating with the people they love most. The afternoon was filled with emotion and excitement. Capturing moments like these is what it’s all about!

Commencing creeper photographer status. Check. Here they come from across the field! anna_brent_proposal_0001 Anna is looking through a memory book Brent made for her!anna_brent_proposal_0002 The big moment! anna_brent_proposal_0003 anna_brent_proposal_0004 But wait. There’s more! Brent tells Anna to look behind her. anna_brent_proposal_0005 She has no idea that her family and friends were going to make an appearance! She was shocked! anna_brent_proposal_0006 anna_brent_proposal_0007 anna_brent_proposal_0008 anna_brent_proposal_0009 I love these moments. anna_brent_proposal_0010 anna_brent_proposal_0011 Anna was especially excited to see her mom. It was her mom’s birthday, and Anna was disappointed she couldn’t be with her. What a surprise!
anna_brent_proposal_0012 anna_brent_proposal_0013 Her friends started to arrive! anna_brent_proposal_0014 anna_brent_proposal_0015 anna_brent_proposal_0016 anna_brent_proposal_0017 anna_brent_proposal_0018 One of my favorites! anna_brent_proposal_0019 anna_brent_proposal_0020 Brent and Anna’s families brought plenty of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy!
anna_brent_proposal_0021 anna_brent_proposal_0022 Love, love, love. anna_brent_proposal_0023 anna_brent_proposal_0024 anna_brent_proposal_0025 anna_brent_proposal_0026 anna_brent_proposal_0027 anna_brent_proposal_0028 anna_brent_proposal_0029 anna_brent_proposal_0030 anna_brent_proposal_0031 anna_brent_proposal_0032 They say this girl is the reason it all happened. She introduced them to each other! anna_brent_proposal_0033 anna_brent_proposal_0034 anna_brent_proposal_0035 anna_brent_proposal_0036 anna_brent_proposal_0037 anna_brent_proposal_0038 anna_brent_proposal_0039 anna_brent_proposal_0040 anna_brent_proposal_0041Anna and Brent, thank you so much for letting us take part in such a beautiful afternoon! We were honored to be there, and had so much fun capturing this momentous day! We’re so happy for you two!! Congratulations!