Kati + Danny {Engaged}

I love this engagement session. I love the people, I love the city. Everything about it. We traveled up to San Fransisco with these two amazing people a couple of weeks ago. The first stop was Saint Frank coffee: the very coffee shop they visited on their first adventure date! After roaming the city a bit we ended at Sutro Baths: the very sutro baths they visited on their first adventure date! (The history of that place is fascinating!) It was such a great day, and we absolutely love these pictures. We’re really proud and excited to share them with you now! Congratulations, Kati and Danny!! 


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  • JoAnn Ledesma Gonzales

    on November 25, 2015  2:00 am

    Love these, great job!!

  • Beth de la Cruz

    on November 25, 2015  11:06 pm

    Just beautiful!!!!

  • Lisa Galletta Prevost

    on November 30, 2015  9:53 pm

    Beautiful pictures congratulations

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