Shawn + Dorina {Engaged}

For those of you who know Dorina and Shawn, you already know how clearly and boldly they reflect Christ’s amazing love and joy, even in the midst of pain. You know what an encouragement they are to countless people, as you’ve probably been encouraged by them yourself! If you don’t know this family, take a minute to read Dorina’s story as she shares hope to everyone who is grieving:

(There are a lot of great articles on that site, so dig in!)
Now can we please talk for a minute about how beautiful Dorina’s girls are!? It was unreal how good they were at taking photos! I didn’t even have to ask for them to pose, they were already hugging and smiling at the camera! What a fun way to start our session! We loved spending time with the girls, and then loved spending the rest of the afternoon with Shawn and Dorina while the girls played on the beach with their grandma. =)
It was so nice to escape to the coast for the afternoon and spend time with such a lovely couple. With all the fires near Fresno, and the ash that you can see when you step outside, we all needed a breath of fresh ocean air. =)
Congratulations, Shawn and Dorina! We are so thankful we get to be your photographers. =)


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  • Raquel Carolina

    on September 17, 2015  8:53 pm

    Another beautiful session! Excited to see you both at the wedding in January! Be well and love from DC, Rachel Prout!