David + Amy {Married}

David and Amy are just plain awesome. I don’t think I have ever had quite so much fun while taking portraits on a wedding day. You see, they were married at the Pines Lodge in Cambria, just minutes from the beach. After their beautiful ceremony, they wanted to head to the beach for some sunset photos. You will clearly see that things didn’t go quite as expected, but, I’d say, better than we could have planned. =) The wind was CRAZY! But David and Amy didn’t even consider letting that ruin their photos. They rolled with the punches, and just had a good time. Amy kept shouting, “THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!” And it was. We were all messy, a bit cold, but absolutely cracking up. We always want to create images that show a couple’s love and personality, and I think the wind helped us do just that. =) Enjoy the photos from David and Amy’s beautiful day! amydavid_0001amydavid_0002Always thinking of other people. =) amydavid_0003amydavid_0004amydavid_0005amydavid_0006So beautiful in every way! amydavid_0007amydavid_0008These girls. Can you all come to every wedding? amydavid_0009amydavid_0010amydavid_0011Yeah, that’s a pre-ceremony dance party. =) amydavid_0012Find the groom. =)
amydavid_0013amydavid_0014amydavid_0015amydavid_0016amydavid_0017Love this one, Steven! Nice work!
amydavid_0018amydavid_0019amydavid_0020Nothing gets me quite like a good mother son moment. =)
amydavid_0021amydavid_0022Love it.amydavid_0023amydavid_0024amydavid_0025amydavid_0026amydavid_0027amydavid_0028amydavid_0029Such sweet, supportive parents. amydavid_0030amydavid_0031amydavid_0032amydavid_0033They did it!! amydavid_0034amydavid_0035amydavid_0036Here we go!! So many favorites in this section! amydavid_0037amydavid_0038amydavid_0039amydavid_0040amydavid_0041amydavid_0042amydavid_0043amydavid_0044amydavid_0045Quick hair fix in the parking lot! Then we took a few more back at the Pines Lodge.
amydavid_0046Their theme was board games! Isn’t that awesome!? They had a dice game at all the tables for the guests to play. It’s one of my favorite ideas I have ever seen. You had to complete a different task depending on the number you rolled. Awesome! amydavid_0047amydavid_0048amydavid_0049Love that laughter!amydavid_0050amydavid_0051amydavid_0052amydavid_0053amydavid_0054amydavid_0055Yeah, mom! Rockin’ it! amydavid_0056amydavid_0057amydavid_0058amydavid_0059amydavid_0060Their wedding just so happened to be National Dance Day! So you better believe they were killin’ it on the dance floor. =) amydavid_0061amydavid_0062amydavid_0063amydavid_0064amydavid_0065amydavid_0066amydavid_0067amydavid_0068amydavid_0069Too fun!! David and Amy, we are so thankful we could help you remember your amazing wedding day! Thanks for the fun!


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  • Christina D Cason

    on August 6, 2015  1:45 am

    It was a wonderful and fun weekend love you both