Roland + Kiki {Married}

A huge congratulations to Roland and Kiki! They were married at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Fresno. These two are so sweet, laid back, and know how to throw an awesome wedding. =) We were honored to be a part of it!! Enjoy the photos!A sweet note from Roland. =) Kiki’s dad seeing her for the first time. Holding back the tears. =) First look!
Sweet girls! Love the individual dresses! Bow ties for the win! Absolutely gorgeous, Kiki!!
Married! =) Their decorations were perfect! So, so beautiful! That cake! Whaaaaaat!? So awesome! Love. =) What a great day!! Congratulations, you two! We’re so thrilled for you! =)


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  • Ernie Sopp

    on July 1, 2015  3:36 am

    Absolutely beautiful. These pictures will continually bring back great memories.

  • Angelica Terlikas

    on July 1, 2015  4:26 am

    Amazing Wedding!!

  • Alexandra Maniates Wilbanks

    on July 1, 2015  4:40 am

    Beautiful....congratulations and may God always be in your heart.

  • Amalia Sferidis

    on July 1, 2015  5:32 am

    Wow! Great photos of a great event! Thanks for sharing.

  • Marina Moustakas

    on July 1, 2015  6:50 am

    What a great celebration of two lives becoming one!!!!!Many, many, many years of Hapiness and Joy!! Love

  • Alexandra Mouzas

    on July 1, 2015  7:04 am

    Love. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  • Kay Lee Tidwell

    on July 1, 2015  6:25 pm

    STUNNING! So sorry we had to miss it. Can't wait to show Maëlle these pictures.

  • Elianna Neo

    on July 1, 2015  11:34 pm

    Amazingly beautiful, I'm so happy for them, I wish I could of made it!

  • E Lilika Protopsaltis-Stratigos

    on July 2, 2015  1:43 am

    Kiki and Roland, these are absolutely amazing , and capture the beauty and happiness of the day quite extraordinarily! I am so happy for you all - truly...