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Mick + Kelly {Married}

Oh boy, are we excited to share some photos with you! Mick and Kelly’s wedding was just perfect from start toView full post »

Kylie {2016 Senior}

Meet Kylie! This gorgeous girl is a senior at Fresno Christian High School. She stays quite busy playing tennis andView full post »

Shawn + Dorina {Engaged}

For those of you who know Dorina and Shawn, you already know how clearly and boldly they reflect Christ’s amazingView full post »

Chris + Lindsay {Married}

We’re more than a little excited to share this wedding with you. =) We had high hopes for Chris and Lindsay’View full post »

Coleman + Brooke {Engaged}

We feel so blessed to work with this amazing couple! We met Brooke a little over a year ago at her brother’sView full post »

Baby Henry {Newborn}

It brings us so much joy to see Mason and Stephanie so in love with their sweet baby boy. Little Henry was born inView full post »

Matt + Karen {Married}

Congratulations, Matt and Karen! Their beautiful wedding was at Garre Winery in Livermore, California. Everything aboutView full post »

David + Amy {Married}

David and Amy are just plain awesome. I don’t think I have ever had quite so much fun while taking portraits onView full post »

Roland + Kiki {Married}

A huge congratulations to Roland and Kiki! They were married at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Fresno. These twoView full post »

Kyle + Christina {Married}

Last week, while it was 106 degrees here in Fresno, Kyle and Christina graciously let us escape to Tenaya Lodge nearView full post »

Jeff + Natalie {Married}

We could not be more excited to share Jeff and Natalie’s wedding with you today!! Jeff and Natalie are the kind ofView full post »

Tim + Tamara {Married}

We loved capturing Tim and Tamara’s wedding! It was full of personality and so, so fun! Every little detail fitView full post »

Miguel + Christina {Married}

Are you ready to be totally inspired? What you are about to see is Miguel and Christina’s beautiful wedding…View full post »

Brandon + Chanelle {Married}

Did you hear the news? Brandon and Chanelle tied the knot! This unbelievably sweet couple had an unbelievably beautifulView full post »

Kevin + Haley {Married}

Kevin and Haley are MARRIED! How cool is that!? We’re so happy for our sweet friends! It was so wonderful to be aView full post »

Welcome Home, Jonathan!

This week we had the incredible opportunity to photograph a military homecoming! The squadron had been gone for 10 veryView full post »

Zach + Jesicca {Married}

It brought us so much joy to watch Zach and Jesicca get married! This couple is one of the sweetest you will ever meet.View full post »

Jake + Emily {Married}

Congratulations, Jake and Emily!! They were married at the beautiful Wolf Lakes in Sanger, California. What a funView full post »

Jeff + Becky {Married}

Jeff and Becky. It just doesn’t get any sweeter. Get ready for an awesome wedding! Playing Heads Up! Jeff got &#View full post »

Ava Meets Arya

I am really, really excited to share these images. This is absolutely one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever beenView full post »

Jesse + Tessa {Married}

Jesse and Tessa are married! What a fun wedding to be a part of! Enjoy the photos!! These girls made me laugh all dayView full post »

David + Andrea {Engaged}

Congratulations, David and Andrea! We are so thankful that we could capture this exciting time! Thank you for aView full post »

Jake + Alison {Engaged}

Say hello to Jake and Alison, another sweet couple that we are so privileged to work with! We spent the afternoonView full post »

Chris + Lindsay {Married}

Meet Chris and Lindsay! (If you are thinking that Chris and Lindsay sure look different from their engagement session,View full post »

Tommy + Heather {Engaged}

Meet our new friends, Tommy and Heather! Our cheeks don’t usually hurt after an engagement session, but thisView full post »

Robert + Carolyn {Engaged}

We got to spend time with this lovely couple in Monterey this weekend! The sun may not have joined us, but we stillView full post »

Alex {2015 Senior}

Meet Alex: gymnast, sailor, and solar car builder.  (To name just a few things.) This soon-to-be Stanford grad was anView full post »

Katie {2015 Senior}

Meet Katie! She is graduating from Clovis West High School in just a couple of months! We were thrilled when she had theView full post »

Chris + Lindsay {Engaged}

Chris and Lindsay are as sweet as they come, and the camera absolutely loves them. =) That makes for one fun engagementView full post »

Teagan {2015 Senior}

We were reminded last week just how much we love senior portraits! Spending the afternoon with Teagan was so much fun!View full post »