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Tanner + Allison {Married}

We were so honored to be part of Tanner and Allison’s wedding day! They are one of the sweetest couples we know!View full post »

Cameron + Allie {Engaged}

How do we express how excited we are that Cameron and Allie are getting married? Maybe this will do it: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYView full post »

Ozzy + Michelle {Engaged}

We had a wonderful time with this lovely couple while taking their engagement photos last week! We started at FresnoView full post »

Jacoby {2014 Senior}

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like you to meet Jacoby! This sweet girl is graduating from Clovis North in just aView full post »

Aliciana {2014 Senior}

Alright. Here’s the deal. We absolutely love taking senior portraits! Especially when you get to photographView full post »

Troy + Josie {Married}

We are so, so, so excited to share Troy and Josie’s wedding with you!! When you mix two of the sweetest peopleView full post »

The Andres Family {Portraits}

What a treat for us to spend another afternoon photographing the Andres family! We love this family and we love watchingView full post »

Baby Weston {Newborn}

Oh, what a treat it was to take baby Weston’s newborn photos! We’ve been smiling non-stop as we’veView full post »

The Hall Family {Portraits}

It is an honor to share the Hall’s family photos with you today! It was SUCH a treat for us to visit the Halls upView full post »

Darrin + Katelyn {Engaged}

We are so excited to share today’s engagement session with you! We just love this couple, and had so much fun withView full post »

Tim + Katie {Engaged}

We are excited to introduce you to Tim and Katie, a wonderful and hilarious couple that we got to spend time with thisView full post »

Week 28: Visiting Friends in SoCal, Ikea Adventures, and Saying Hello to UC Irvine!

A few weeks ago, we got to visit our good friends in Pamona! We are so thankful for our time together! =) Have a greatView full post »

Christian + Melissa {Married}

We are so excited to share Christian and Melissa’s wedding day with you! Their entire day was simply beautiful! ItView full post »

Gerardo + Sara {Engaged}

Last week we had the privilege of venturing up to Hume Lake with this sweet couple! Now usually, Hume Lake would beView full post »

Josh + Jade {Engaged}

Say hello to Josh and Jade! We got to spend time with this sweet couple last week while taking their engagement photosView full post »

Weeks 25 – 27: Last Time in our Apartment, Building a Booth, and House Updates!

Officially moved out of our first home! It will be so fun to look back in the future and remember the last moments inView full post »

Spencer + Kaydee {Married}

Congratulations, Spencer and Kaydee!! We were so blessed to be a part of their beautiful wedding day! This was our firstView full post »

Weeks 20 – 24: Moving, Willis Dog, and Christmas Fun!

Catching up on the vlogs! Here is the month of December all wrapped up into one video! -Emily + StevenView full post »

Travis + Alyse {Engaged}

We are so excited to share these photos of our new friends, Travis and Alyse! This couple is such a joy to be around! WeView full post »

Jordan + Tiffany {Engaged}

It finally rained in Fresno! Which means there is finally snow in the mountains! Which means Jordan and Tiffany wereView full post »

Weeks 18 + 19: Designing our House, Our Friend’s Sweet Proposal, and Accidental Black Friday Shopping!

Well, we’re back at it! Things got a little busy these last few months, and uploading the vlogs slipped throughView full post »

Johnny + Korina {Engaged}

Are you ready to meet one of the sweetest couples out there? Johnny and Korina are an absolute joy to be around! WeView full post »

Beau + Mallary {Engaged}

Meet Beau and Mallary! We had an awesome afternoon of laughter with these two. =) They took us to a location we hadView full post »

Taran + Jess {Engaged}

Meet Taran and Jess! We loved spending the afternoon with these two roaming around Woodward Park! Steven and Jess metView full post »

Gerald + Emily {Married}

We are so excited to introduce you to Gerald and Emily! Gerald and Emily were married over a year ago, but never had theView full post »

Eric + Jordan {Married}

Eric and Jordan are MARRIED! And we are so excited for them. =) Jordan is a dear friend from High School, and having aView full post »

The Borges Family {Portraits}

Meet the Borges family! Such a fun and sweet bunch! We loved spending the afternoon with this family. =) And they wereView full post »

Happy Birthday, Steven!

Steven, today is your birthday!! I just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how much I love you and howView full post »

Week 17 : We’re building a house!!

You may have noticed that we’re just a little late in posting week 17′s video! (Only a month…) OopsieView full post »

Ricky + Kendra {Engaged}

We absolutely love when engagement sessions incorporate something meaningful and unique to the couple. So we were soView full post »