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Brad + Alison {Married}

We are so excited to share Brad and Alison’s wedding!! These two are one of the absolute sweetest couples we haveView full post »

Baby Oliver {Newborn}

Welcome to the world, little Oliver! You are so loved!! We are so thankful that we could help his parents remember thisView full post »

Emily + Steven Go To Texas!

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of traveling to Texas to photography a wedding! This was our first time to Texas,View full post »

Doug + Brittaney {Expecting}

What a privilege it was to spend some time with Brittaney, Doug, and their growing family! They are expecting theirView full post »

Luciano + Heather {Engaged}

Luciano and Heather are just so warm and friendly, it’s impossible not to become instant friends with them. TheyView full post »

Brandon + Ashley {Engaged}

Meet Brandon and Ashley! Just try to hold back your smile while looking at these two. Betchya can’t do it. =) WeView full post »

Jake + Emily {Engaged}

Meet Jake and Emily! We are so privileged to work with this sweet couple! We visited Shaver Lake last week for theirView full post »

David + Amy {Engaged}

We are loving this Cambria engagement session with David and Amy! These two are so full of life! It was such a treat toView full post »

Wes + Mindy {Married}

We were so privileged to be part of Wes and Mindy’s wedding all the way in Dallas, Texas! We absolutely loved theView full post »

Osvaldo + Michelle {Married}

Our first wedding of 2015! Osvaldo and Michelle helped us get this year off to a great start. =) They were married atView full post »

Kevin + Haley {Engaged}

We’re kicking off 2015 with some photos of our sweet friends, Kevin and Haley! We’re so excited for theseView full post »

Anthony + Tyler {Married}

Ready for our last wedding of 2014?! Anthony and Tyler were married at St. John’s Cathedral in Fresno, with theirView full post »

50 Favorites of 2014

2014, I give you 2 thumbs way up! This was truly an incredible year. We moved into our first house, welcomed ourView full post »

Jordan + Tiffany {Married}

I think it’s about time for another wedding, don’t you? Today we’re bringing you the lovely TiffanyView full post »

First 6 Months of Denver Dog

Our little puppy is growing so fast! It’s so fun to look back and see when he first joined the family! Enjoy!View full post »

Jordan + Ashley {Engaged}

We loved our sunrise session with Jordan and Ashley! They are such a joy to be around, and so sweet together! There wasView full post »

Todd + Lindsay {Engaged}

Meet Todd and Lindsay! We had a blast taking photos of these two around town. Their three adorable pups joined us for aView full post »

Trevor + Lauren {Married}

We are so very happy that Trevor and Lauren are MARRIED!! We love these sweet friends of ours, and we are just thrilledView full post »

Lucas + Michelle {Engaged}

We had the awesome privilege of taking Lucas and Michelle’s engagement photos in Yosemite this past weekend!View full post »

Tim + Tamara {Engaged}

We are so happy to share Tim and Tamara’s engagement session with you today! This past weekend we met these two inView full post »

Elizabeth Rose {Birth Story}

I am truly in awe of God’s creation! Last week I got to witness and document something so incredibly special: theView full post »

Levi + Marisa {Married}

Get ready. This wedding was a fun one! I think you’re gonna like it. =) I always love the chance to play with someView full post »

Darrin + Katelyn {Married}

We are so excited to share Darrin and Katelyn’s beautiful wedding with you! These two make the sweetest couple,View full post »

Adam + Taylor {Married}

Such a beautiful wedding day for Adam and Taylor! We loved being a part of it! They were married at a gorgeous venueView full post »

Vlog Recap: House Updates, 4th of July, and Sweet Tomatoes!

Check out our latest vlog recap! Next video meet our adorable puppy! =)View full post »

Jeff + Becky {Engaged}

Meet Jeff and Becky! They are seriously as sweet as they come! We had so much fun with them this past weekend exploringView full post »

Baby Willow {Newborn}

Meet little Willow! Isn’t she beautiful!? She doesn’t know it yet, but she has some of the most amazingView full post »

The Vlogs are Back!

I think we’ve let the suspense build long enough. =) After 4 months, the vlogs are back! If you are joining us forView full post »

Josh + Jade {Married}

Congratulations, Josh and Jade!! They were married this past weekend at Copper River Country Club in Fresno, CaliforniaView full post »

Beau + Mallary {Married}

Meet Beau and Mallary! They got married at the wonderful Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California. Such a beautiful day andView full post »